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First Things First: Bike Set Up

by Nicole Kuntz |

Hey Cyclone Family! 

We thought it would be a good time to go over bike set up as a refresher to ensure that everyone is comfortable and safe during their ride! Follow the steps below when you attend your next class:

Bike Seat: When setting up your bike, you want to set it up from back to front starting with the seat. You want the bike seat to start approximately at the highest point of your hip. You can also slide the bike seat forward or back for comfort. Unscrew and pull out the back knob to raise or lower your seat but don't forget to tighten it after! 

Handle Bars: Next, you'd want to adjust the distance of the handle bars to your bike seat. Using the length of your forearm, place your elbow at the tip of the seat and if you're able to touch the handle bar post with your finger tips with an inch worth of room that's a good fit for you. The height of the handle bars should be at the same height as your seat up to an inch higher. 

When riding, remember to keep your shoulders rolled back, chest proud, and your core tight. When you lift from the saddle, remember to keep your butt over the seat with a small bend in your knees- never lock your knees, this will prevent injury! 

Check out Rach's Did Bit Tuesday Video for more details! 

If you have any further questions or concerns, please send us an email at or connect with us via Instagram DM. We're always happy to help!