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Burn Bright, Not Burnout

by Nicole Kuntz |

Hi Cyclone Family!

Thank you for tuning into this week’s Tidbit Tuesday! This week we’ll be talking about burnout. I’m sure we’ve all been there- feeling exhausted, overworked, and overwhelmed. Once you’re in that downward spiral, breaking it can feel like climbing a never ending mountain. Your errands sit there undone, the list of things you have to do is longer than a Covid grocery store line, and it can feel like you’re never really getting enough sleep. 

So, what is burnout? Burnout is a physical, mental or emotional state caused by prolonged physical or mental stress. When you’re taking on too much for too long, it can start to take a toll on your body. Symptoms of burnout include loss of interest or motivation, vulnerability to illness, feeling drained constantly, changes in appetite or sleep habits, even procrastinating or withdrawing from responsibilities. 

Burnout is a slow boil- it creeps up on you slowly and becomes worse overtime which is why it’s so important to mitigate it in the first place. Strategies that might be helpful include reaching out to loved ones to talk about how you feel, find balance in your day by making your schedule more manageable, making exercise a priority, and setting aside time for meaningful relaxation. 

It’s important to be in tune with yourself and know when to take a step back if you’ve taken on too much. Just a reminder, if you need to cancel a class, please visit our website. Once you’re on the main page, please click on “My Account” tab at the top, then select “Login” from the drop down menu. Once you have logged in, use the same “My Account” button to find “My Classes”.

Once you are on the “My Classes” page, you will see your upcoming and past classes. One of the columns listed is “Actions”. If you would like to cancel your class, please click on the little gear icon and select “Unreserve”.

Rest, relax, and recover- we’ll always be here when you get back!